Residential – 2-year 100% warranty on new equipment installs, 1 year on repairs, 60 days on clearing drains and removing insects. No warranty on work done if rodent was the cause of repair and causes same issue again

Commercial – 1 year 100% on new equipment installs and 90 days on repairs

Yes, HVAC maintenance is how you are going to get the most out of your system. Maintenance keeps energy usage down and the system running efficiently. This is how Extreme can help keep your repair costs down and save you money over the life of your HVAC system.

This is commonly used to identify that you have an issue and a lot of times it means that service will be needed to correct the fault. Extreme can help you with that and provide a quick and affordable solution.

Humidity can exist for several reasons. Extreme can help with identifying the cause of the humidity and provide a solution that you can live with.

Most of the time when you turn your heat on for the first time you will smell a burnt odor and then the odor should dissipate. This is from any dust that has accumulated over the year burning off. Still, this can be concerning and Extreme can look over your entire heating system to ensure proper and safe operation for the heating season.

Depending on the type of system you have sometimes noisy may be expected. Especially if you have a heat pump and its in heating mode. Extreme can diagnose the noise and determine if it is normal from regular wear and tear or something that needs to be addressed.

Ice on a system typically means that an issue is present and should be addressed quickly to not cause damage to the other components. The only time ice should be present on a system is if you own a heat pump and frost is on the outside coil (frost not ice). Extreme is equipped with the tools to diagnose and provide a stress-free solution to getting your system back to normal.

Filters are designed to collect the dust that may be moving through your home and keep it out of your duct system and HVAC system. Extreme recommends a basic pleated filter for this. There are also many other filters designed for allergens and more… Extreme is happy to help you identify what your exact needs are and help pick out a filter that fits your needs.

If you have a traditional filter setup, it is recommended that you change your filter monthly. Extreme is a call away to discuss your maintenance needs. Maintenance is very important as is changing your filter when it should be changed.

Nobody likes a stinky sock! This is an issue found on heat pump systems where when they swap over from cooling to heat you smell the heating of any microbial growth that has accumulated. Extreme will provide a comprehensive assessment of your system and its duct configuration to provide you with a solution for this unpleasant odor.

Allergens in the home can make it uncomfortable for you especially if you are sensitive to these allergens. There are multiple ways to combat these allergens in your home with filtration and active products that assist in eliminating them. Extreme will assess your needs and identify what products will work best for you and your home since everyone is different and their homes/businesses as well.

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